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You must’ve heard the whisperings and rumours. Murmurs that something big is about to drop. Usually we don’t comment on speculation - good thing we can now confirm that it’s fact. We’ve included pieces we’ve done across the entire spectrum. Working with brands like Nike, Spree, Toyota, Oxfam, and Asics was as inspiring as it was humbling - industry icons and leaders in their craft with an unfaltering commitment to quality. Those quieter moments, ones of reflection on our intercontinental escapades in places like Paris, Norway, Vietnam and Mexico. A great idea may seemingly take root on a calmer day in the city over a cup of coffee with our peers - our Black Insomnia, Shnap!, Melody of a Bearing and Wolf Moto projects are a testament to this. We strive to collaborate with artists who produce inspired work that comes from somewhere deeper, too. Our Afrika Burn film and Elise Trouw music video is a clear representation of that. We could tell you so much more but that’d deprive you of the joy of experiencing it first hand - the age old tradition of showing and not telling is alive and well here. Batten down the hatches and hold on tight - this is the GKC 2017 Showreel. We do not own the rights to the music used in this video. All rights remain with the original artist.