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Every year thousands of “burners” migrate to the Tankwa Karoo, coming together in a whirlwind of affection, expression and dust.

In 2017 among the pretty faces were three filmmakers (Herman du Toit, Michael Zomer, and myself) who joined the pilgrimage in order to shed light on the true essence of AfrikaBurn. They integrated themselves and listened to the stories of their peers whistling in the wind, all in a valiant effort to try and encapsulate the magnitude of the gathering. A gift to the attendees, a glimpse of the glory for those whom have yet to experience AfrikaBurn. In their pursuit they handed out multiple disposable cameras with the intent of having them spread across the playa, from burner to burner. A few photos made it back to the three filmmakers, with each telling their own story. Visit to view a few of the photos that made their way back to us.